Best Configuration settings?

I finally got my cohesion smoothie board talking to my computer but I need to adjust my configuration settings

Exactly where in the config do i adjust the bed size?

My y axis motor is barely moving and is noisy. How do I adjust the current and what would be the best setting?

Finally, since my laser is not the standard K40, what other settings would need to be adjusted?

Things that you might need to change for a larger machine include:

The bed size, particularly the Y axis. Covered here: The origin really is the front left. I know the homing switches are in the rear left. You're not special

The motor currents.

The max speed, seek rate, and accelerations.

It would be good of you to confirm that the homing switches are located in the left and rear, as this is where we expect them.

I have a homing switch on the left side of the laser head rail and the top right of the machine

It sounds like setting the bed size is simple, however I have no idea on what settings to experiment with for my Y axis motor? any recommendations on what I should adjust the max speed, seek rate, and acceleration. I have no experience in doing this at all.

Here you said the homing is to the left rear, but somewhere else you may have said that the Y homing switch is in the front. Which one is it? Which corner does your machine home to (have you witnessed it with the stock board)?

I would recommend the following:

Line 6 default_seek_rate 24000
Lower this substantially - perhaps to 9000

Line 21 acceleration 2500
Lower to 1000

Lines 44 and 51
alpha_current 0.4
beta_current 0.6

Increase both to the max amps of 1.2

That should get you started.

Try jogging around using LightBurn Move Tab.

Use M119 to verify your switches are being read, as explained here:

For homing, I still need to know where your switches are actually located and what corner the head moves to to hit them.

Thank you for your reply. From the factory my machine homes in the front left corner. On the x axis the homing switch is located on the left of the laser head on the rail and for the y axis it is located in the top right corner of the gantry. My apologies for the confusion