Bay Area Maker Faire

Hi folks,

Cohesion3D + LightBurn will be at Bay Area Maker Faire this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (May 17-19) in San Mateo, California. I’m on a plane to SF right now and will do my best to work through the support inquiries I still owe responses to when I am with my computer.

If you’re in the area, go to the event. If you’re at the event, we’d love to meet you! Stop by. We’ll be in Zone 2 somewhere, I think.

I visited you twice. The large circular sample was amazing. Is there gcode available? I ended up buying the laser board for my K40(ribbon cable and digital power setting) I also bought the LCD and adapter. The camera was out of stock and I didn’t order it or the lightburn, yet. The LEDs look OK. I tried jogging on the screen with no response. Do I need lightburn connected? I have no PC near the laser, yet. I plan on getting a Raspberry PI.