Batman clock project with my grandson

(Darren Wright) #1

This was a quick project I did with my grandson. He wanted to make a clock for his mom’s boyfriend for christmas.

We started with an 8" x 12" piece of 1/8" birch plywood, painted black on one side. We then ran a setting test on it to get the best speed and intensity for taking off the black paint, but not burning the wood too much.

Did a few coats of rattle can lacquer to finish it. (Him bored, watching the lacquer dry :smiley: )

The finished piece.

(Chris Pembleton) #2

Love it! You all did great!

(Brent Dowell) #3

Nice job Darren! And I’m sure your grandson things you’re the coolest grandpa in the world.

(Cliff Bryans) #4

Awesome job @buzzkc I will need to make one of these for my girlfriend. She’s a huge Batman fan.