Autofocus Lightburn C3D MINI

Machine: Custom Machine 80 watt

Board: C3D Mini

Firmware: Smoothie

Problem/ Question: Hi everyone, I have a laser built from 750x550 mm, with a C3D MINI and motorized Z plane, is it possible to mount an autofocus sensor to be able to drive it from lightburn directly? If it is possible how should I connect it and possibly configure it? Thanks to those who will be able to help me.

Hi Ale,

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Yes, it is possible to mount a Z probe sensor and have LightBurn move the bed until it is triggered. However, these probes are prone to crashing the laser head and are generally not recommended. Most people end up disabling or removing them. Alternatively, you can install a mechanical limit switch. Do you already have a sensor or are you wanting to add one to your laser?

You can find wiring information and configurations specifically for the Mini in our instructions: Wiring a Z-Table

For additional information, this guide is for the LaserBoard, but covers some other key setup points which may help: Setting Up A Z-Table

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