Assistance with mini board and k40 laser new user

k40 laser model HQ 3020B
Board: Cohesion 3d mi

Good afternoon my name is Gabriel just got time to open up the case and it looks very different than the one in the instalation tutorial. Im very new to wiring and seting things up and just want to do things the right way. Can u please point me in the right direction-----> links to a step by step setup would be great. thanks

What you’ve pictured here is the cohesion3d mini along with the laser power supply.

What we really need to see is a picture of the original control board, full wiring, what type of laser you have. Is it a digital panel or an analogue meter and potentiometer which controls the max current?

Once we have more information we’ll be able to help you more. :slight_smile:

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Good morning

Here are more pictures.

hope these help.thanks

This is the install guide for the C3D Mini:

Which part are you having trouble with?

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