Are these Endstops compatible with Laserboard?

Machine: Custom Build

Board: C3D LaserBoard

Firmware: I have a new board and I’m using whatever it came with

Problem/ Question: I have these Inductive Endstops, wondering if their compatible, or if i need to buy new ones.

I have read that the laserboard only puts out 5v, but i can’t seem to find any schematics or information to confirm this. wondering if someone can tell me what is compatible with the laserboard, or link me to the information i need about the laserboard. as all information i’ve found so far, stops just shy of what i need to know.

i have read on another post its possible to get an inductive endstop that is 6-36v to work with a different configuration it seems.

My sensors required 6-36v and I was connecting them to the LaserBoard so they were only getting 5v. I then tested feeding the positive terminal of the switch with 12v instead of 5 and I finally got it working properly.

here are the pics of the endstop im talking about, plus another i have lying around. are either of these compatible?

Well the easy answer is the mechanical ones are for sure. The inductive one shown at the top which seems to be showing up a lot lately has many variations, I do believe someone got theirs working but not sure what the ratings were on his particular sensors. Personally if you can mount the mechanical ones I would use those as they are simple to wire and reliable.

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Thanks, i got things all sorted and connected :slight_smile:

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