Are all the brands the same?


I saw one of your posts and suggest Orion Motor Tech with the POT , but all the Orion 40k machines are digitial panel.
I see other brands such as: VEVOR : and SUNCOO

Are they all the same or are there brands I should stay away from?
Control, Rotary and the better software are what I am looking for t o upgrade to.


The machines are mostly the same, any vendor will ship you the same thing or close enough to it, and there’s the same risk of it getting damaged in shipping.
Orion is sort of a constant in the market, we have all gotten machines from them that have come aligned and in good shape - again, gambling, but with hopefully better odds.

Now, I was on eBay the other day and was surprised to see that literally every machine had a digital panel now! They’re not horrible, my K40D here has one and it’s not unpleasant to use by any means, just note the strong suggestion to add the mA meter to know what you’re actually firing at.

In short, any of these options should be ok, with the above caveats.

We have all of these things, including the newly launched high quality C3D Rotary! :slight_smile:

Found this one on ebay and the brand seems to get some good suggestions from facebook groups as well as on ebay itself:

That seller may have been the root of our happysunshine88 joke. But I would think that that would be an actual seller also. :slight_smile:

I dont know what you are referring to, but i will google around for it.

Was reference to a bad joke:

I found this one on ebay: It’s from a seller that sells a bunch of other items as well. But the machine has the analong interface. The first two from Amazon have mixed reviews on other web sites. Is there any major difference in any of these that you see that would limit my ability to add the rotary and upgraded board?
Thanks for the responsiveness.

Will the board you well work with other lases such as: ?
This is an 80W version. Also, will the other software and attachments work with it as well?

The machine you have linked is a larger machine that, based on the pictures, probably contains a similar board as we have discussed previously. All should be similar, just a little configuring to tell the board the different bed size, acceleration, motor currents, etc.

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