Another 80W Generic Controller Replacement

Hi - Just brought a second hand generic 80W Laser and I know it has a terrible controller so I wanted to replace it with a Cohesion3D.

I am new to this but happy to tinker with whatever is required.

I have linked to a set of photos which has hopefully captured all of the different requirements (the inside of the laser is filthy so excuse those photos. I wanted to make sure the Cohesion3D would be a suitable replacement but also if I need the external stepper motor driver - I could only see 1 motor which confused me, I thought there would be 1 for each axis.



Hi Mark, it looks like you’ve got a larger machine than the standard K40 and it has a B1 control board. You will need need to do a bit of configuration and tuning to get things working properly (mostly edits to the config file that the firmware uses) and you’ll need to deal with your 6 pin power connector. There are two articles here that will help:

Thanks for that - very helpful. I will make sure to identify the correct Live and Ground from the 6 pin connection.

The ribbon connector I believe is for the X Axis and end stops - I wonder if it’s worth replacing it - considering taking the machine apart to give it a good clean so would be a good time to sort this out - or do you think I would be in a World of pain :wink:

Sorry I forgot to ask - if that ribbon is connected to both the stepper motor and endstops then I cannot see an external stepper motor driver - does that mean I do not need to buy one and the Cohesion board should be able to drive it?

Typically if there is a ribbon cable it connects to the X motor and the X and Y endstops. You can certainly replace and rewire everything, but if it works, you can also choose to leave it in place.

If you don’t see any external stepper drivers it would be safe to assume they are built into the controller board. The one motor in the photo looks to be a small NEMA17, which would not require an external stepper driver.

Thanks Pete - Going to check the tube works ok (meant to be brand new) and then order the new controller, amp meter and LCD.

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