Analogue Potentimer versus LCD Display with Laserboard

Machine: Custom Built (Layzor) from K40 parts: PSU version 1
Board: Laserboard
Firmware: Smoothie

If I have the LCD display hooked up to Laserboard. Does this do the same thing an analogue Potentimeter would do. Like does it make sense to have both – or is it redundant?

my system has the analog pot, and i plan on using the lcd as well. Im keeping the analog pot as an override just in case i am watching it cut and it needs a bit more or less power.

so if I add a pot – it should effect the MAX power sent to the laser. and the PMW signal would then represent a “percentage” of the mx power defined my the POT.

Is that your understanding too?

Yes, my analog pot is connected directly to my laser power unit and controls its max power output. the PMM would then be applied to that.

Yes, you should have both. We recommend using a potentiometer on your control panel to limit the current coming from the laser tube. For more information: PWM Control

To add on to what Daniel mentioned, the LaserBoard uses pulse width modulation (PWM) which sets the power as a percentage of whatever your potentiometer or digital panel is set to. LightBurn sends a percentage of that maximum, based on the power values you input for each layer. You can test your output by tuning the PWM levels.