Analog or Digital Ammeters

Machine: Custom

Board: C3D Laser Board

Firmware: I have a new board and I’m using whatever it came with

Problem/ Question:

I have this Digital Ammeter from Cloudray, that id like to use with my laser engraver.
I’ve seen the post Cohesion3D PWM Control and Potentiometer vs ‘Digital Panel’ and would be wiring it up with this in mind.

What is not mentioned, is anything about a digital ammeter, but i do see a whole lot of people using he analog ones.
that being said, since i already have this digital one, id like to use it if possible.

Here is the product page, and some pictures of the product:

Product Page

Some folks have done it before with success:

Pay close attention to the comments I made in that thread - there could be the chance of burning up the meter due to arcing (bringing along with it a fire risk). But it’s worth a try.

Everything has been working great so far I’m not sure the arcing is an issue since it is installed on the ground side of the tube. The internal shunt I’m sure is very low resistance. Depending on the resistance of the tube I would expect that the voltage is near zero on both sides of the meter. It is definitely 0 on the ground side of the meter. I will measure the voltage on the tube side when I get a chance and report back. Thanks for your comments and concerns since I am in somewhat uncharted territory.



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