Alarm Lock

Solution Found:

Somehow the firmware binary got renamed to firmware.cur.
Updated both files with the current versions and everything is now working.


Problem/ Question:

I have searched and searched for a solution. What I found doesn’t really apply to my machine.

My K40 with the Cohesion3d and Lightburn is stuck in Alarm Lock. My Rotary has never been installed. The only “solutions” I found revolve around the rotary.

I have uninstalled Lightburn, removed the device entry, even purged the registry.

Any help would be appreciated. What actually causes this error? Nothing I found gives me a clue.

I am right close sending this thing to the dump…

Not sure what pictures will do, but I will provide them if you tell me exactly what pictures you need.

Hi Peter,

Welcome to the forum! It sounds like reflashing the memory card sorted your issues. Please confirm.

The firmware.bin file gets renamed to FIRMWARE.CUR when the board flashes the card, so this is expected behavior.

Going out of bounds unexpectedly makes the machine throw an alarm and lock itself to prevent crashing into the gantry. This can be caused if the endstops are not being read properly or don’t exist. Sending the M999 command in the console will clear the alarm. It can also be caused when using origin modes other than “Absolute Coords” in LightBurn. For more info: Coordinates Origin

If you have issues again, please provide clear pictures of your machine, control panel, board, other electrical components, and wiring, as well as a screenshot (no cell phone pics, please) of the Console tab in LightBurn where the error appears.

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