Air assist on k40 laser

Machine: Chinese K40

Board: Cohesion 3d LaserBoard

Firmware: _Smoothie

Problem/ Question: I am trying to get air assist working from the board. I have this 5v Relay and it’s connected like so
In and DC- are connected to cohesion air assist 5v and gnd.
DC+ is connected to a 12v to 5v stepdown converter which is connected to a 12v power supply from an old 3d printer. The relay is set to high level trigger.
When I enter an M106 in lightburn the leds change but doesn’t change the No/Nc end, I still get the voltage at the same connector Image 2
When I enter M107 again the leds change but not No/NC - Image 1
Hoping someone may know what’s going on or have I even got it connected right. What relays are other people using.

I couldn’t post pics so I try to share with dropbox
Image on is green pwr led on
Image 2 is green pwr led on but duller and orange led on dull

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