After Home Position Stepper make noise

Machine: k40 CohesionD V2

Board: laser board

Firmware: _Smoothie

Hello, sorry for bad english but i hope you can understand.

I have the k40 with the Cohesion V2 board. everything is good. but when i turn on the Maschine an open lightburn the x and y turn in home position. thats ok. but when they have reach home, the stepper make noise! like fieeeeeeeep.

if i push the stop button in lightburn the noise end. when i drive Home position a second time the steppers make no noise…

i hope you can help :slight_smile:

Hi Dennis,

Welcome to the forum! Is the laser head crashing into the gantry or is it just the stepper driver / motor making noise?

If it is hitting the rails and not stopping, refer to our article on configuration changes you can make to help prevent this: Laser Head Crashing into Gantry

Please provide a clear video of the exact steps you are taking and results you are getting and post it on YouTube or another site, then paste the link into a reply here so we can take a look.


Hey, Thanks for your answer!

No only the Stepper driver make noise.

i turn the board on, then after the first home positioning the stepper make a hight frequent noise.

a short video in the link

thanks alot for your help :slight_smile:

Thanks, Dennis! The videos are being processed and will not allow me to view them yet. I’ll check again later.

In the meantime, this is a common occurrence and does not indicate any issue with the board.

There is an alternate mode you can run the motors in to reduce the noise. We recommend staying in the default SpreadCycle mode; however, if the sound is bothersome, there is the option to change to StealthChop mode via a config file update.

For more information, please refer to our documentation regarding Stepper Driver Modes:


Thanks alot, withe change this the noise is away. very nice:)))

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