Additional Control buttons and wiring for the front panel so as to switch the laser on and test fire

Machine: K40, 100watt with a 100watt LPSU

Board: Nanao2 being replaced with a Cohesion3D board, digital display being replaced with a display board for Cohesion3D

Firmware: _ I’m using whatever it came with"

Problem/ Question: _So I have done all my wiring correctly according to the diagram from this Cohesion forum. Potentiometer, Milliamp guage etc and it is all working.

I am replacing it’s original digital display

with one from Cohesion 3D

On the front of the laser cutter I would however like to install additional buttons, namely the Laser power “ON” button (which I assume is an ON/OFF button and a test button which I’m sure is a momentary button to do the same thing they did on the old panel.
Now I can burn myself just as successfully as the next guy with a soldering iron, but this is really not my field - I think I know _but I am plain and simply not brave enough to risk it, so my question is – Exactly to where on the LPSU do I connect those 4 wires?

I do apologise if this has been posted elsewhere on this forum, but I have not found it.

Many Thanks

My machine so far:


Laser cutter in place (I drilled a 115mm hole through the wall for the extractor.

The chimney outside. The very loud extractor fan is inside the pipe where it passes through the roof. The power cable is inside the pipe. There is mosquito mesh in to stop bugs getting in.

I have added extra cross bars and shelves for storage.

As well as a quick release for the airline. The little compressor is outside in a weatherproof box on vibration mountings. the 3 electrical connetors use different pin amounts so they can’t be coupled incorrectly.

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Any protection switches like your on/off switch (if I assume correctly like an enable switch?) I would wire in series to the P (Protection) and G (Ground) circuit on the LPSU.

If any switch breaks the P to G circuit the LPSU would not fire. SO enable switches, water flow switches, door switches, etc. just wire in series between P and G.

For a test fire circuit, you wire G to the L pin (L for Low Level laser fire pin). H would be for a High level (i.e. 5v) in to trigger the laser fire circuit. Working with ground is cleaner and safer. You can wire the L pin in parallel with the L (laser fire) from the C3D. So, your ‘test’ switch would be wired from G pin on the LPSU to the L pin. Your L pin would then have 2 wires (one from C3D and one from the switch).

Hope this helps.

Thank You very much! That did the trick indeed.

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