Adding an additional digital milliammeter to the stock analog meter

Machine: K40
Board: C3D
Firmware: Smoothie

I purchased a 10 turn 1K pot to replace the stock pot on my K40. I also purchased a high accuracy digital milliammeter. My question is, can I just run this ammeter in series with the existing analog meter? Will this have a negative effect on laser power and PWM performance? The digital one I purchased is able to connect to a separate power supply for operating voltage. A link is attached.

I am trying to get a readout of current settings other than attempting to read the analog needle.

Sorry, I’m not familiar with the product you have linked and am not sure how it works. I can only recommend to use the items we recommend and that the laser community agrees on as a whole, in other words, sticking to the basics.

Thanks Ray. If I get it installed and it works well I will post my results and a wiring diagram unless you prefer I do not