AC Adaptor Sparking (Board side)

Machine: Garden variety K40

Board: old = M2Nano, New = C3D Laserboard (G code)

Firmware: As configured from C3D

Problem/ Question: My issue is almost identical to Is my C3D LaserBoard a DOA? but everything functions normally.

If I plug in a energized PSU as supplied with the Laserboard there is a quick shower of sparks but unlike the reference post, the machine is functioning properly. I have not read any voltages but the lights are behaving as expected and the machine is running well.

From the “if it ain’t broke’ don’t fix it department”, should I be concerned? I typically leave the C3D board plugged in at the board and just energize the PSU at the AC plug.

Thanks to all in advance.

I think I know your point, but let me explain my experience:

I have another post here, where I couldn’t get my Motors / Drivers up and running and after plugging in the C3D PSU into the LaserBoard about 15.000 times I “did something different”.

I connected my C3D PSU and another external 24V PSU into a power strip with a dedicated switch. That I don’t have to unplug the C3D PSU and the 24V PSU I just left everything in the power strip and turned the power off via the power switch in the power strip (sorry for that weird sentence, but I not a native speaker).
After turning the power switch back on, the C3D LaserBoard turned also on, but I had no control over it. All the LEDs were “fine”, but the GLCD I have didn’t work properly and so I could not jog around with my motors. I thought I ruined the board, because this never happened before.

So I unplugged everything and when I connected the C3D PSU “manually” to the LaserBoard everything was fine.

I don’t know if this is gonna help you, but I just wanted to share my experience on that.

Some sparks just when plugging in an already energized power brick to the DC Jack on the LaserBoard is a known behavior. There is a surge of current required when the board first comes on as the capacitors charge, etc.

I typically leave the board DC connector plugged in and unplug the power brick cable from the wall outlet if I need to turn the board off after a work session, and plug in the AC cable last when turning the board back on.

Thank you. As this is a known behavior I will follow your recommendation to leave the AC adapter engaged to the board.

Side note… I’m going to guess your answer but can I simply supply 24V to the auxiliary connectors from a 10A PSU to obtain what is required for the LaserBoard to run?

We strongly recommend that you use the included power brick to power the LaserBoard. If you ever mention communications issues the first thing I will tell you to do is to plug the LaserBoard’s power brick into its own electrical outlet.

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