A - Axis with Cohesione3d Board

Machine: _K40

Board: _Cohesion3d

Firmware: _Smoothie

Problem/ Question: _I am trying to install a FTG Rotary to the Cohesion Board A- Axis. I have installed and worked on Y axis with no issues but when I config it to A axis I get no power to the rotary at all. I have done the config according to Cohesion Instructions.

Can someone look at my config file if I sent it to you and tell me if I am missing something??? File uploaded but not sure if its readable from here. Will send to someone if interested in looking at it for me… I am sorta stumped…

You’ll need to consult the rotary manufacturer for what settings are right for them. I would verify if 1.2A RMS is ok for their motor, and check if you have that set in your config file. Steps per mm is the other main value they will have to provide you with.

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