A axis testing

I have a K40 with the Cohesion3D laser board with your rotary attachment and using Lightburn software. The issue I have is when testing the A axis, it will only operate once and I have to reset power to the K40 to move the A axis again.

  • I can test once using the Lightburn rotary setup or using the console command (G0 A360 F…). Further commands have no action on the A axis. (swapping connector to Z axis has the same effect)
  • I can issue other commands to the X or Y axis before of after testing the A axis and they perform as expected. This includes multiple commands. There does not appear to be an issue with the X or Y axis
  • When I command the A axis to rotate 360, it does. When I use the lightburn software setup test button it rotates forward and backward. but only the first time I give it the command either on console of lightburn. If I give one and then the other only the first command is performed.

Hi Nate,

Thanks for your patience while we worked through a lot of inquiries from the long weekend.

I have a few quick things you can check - like which coordinate mode you’re in in LightBurn (absolute vs current vs user position), but we’ll need understand your setup better to try go figure out what is happening.

Can you please show some pics of your machine, rotary, and how it is all hooked up to the board?

Can you please provide screenshots (no cell phone pics of screens please) of the entire LightBurn window and any relevant screens including the rotary setup, etc.

Ultimately if you can do the G0 A360 F... and G0 A0 F... all day long from console and the rotary keeps going forward and back the correct 1 revolution each time, then I would say the board has been configured properly and we’ll try to catch any issues you may have with the LightBurn setup.

  • Latest version of LightBurn installed?
  • Any particular job file you are trying to run or not there yet?