80w Neje diode laser

Machine: Laser engraver 600x900

Board: Cohesion3D

Firmware: Smoothie

Problem/ Question:
I have been running my cohesion3D board with a 130 reci tube without issue. I don’t want to modify this at all - currently XYZ and CO2 laser works perfectly

I do however, wish to attach a Neje diode laser, I believe it is 15w output (advertised a 80w), not a massive laser but perfect for what I want it for.

I would like to wire via the control board from Neje if possible but don’t really care… I ultimately want to control that laser module via the Cohesion3D (lightburn) running side by side with my CO2 laser also, not necessarily at the same time but the same machine.

Apparently new users cant upload images… so, my issue is the TTL/PWM run at 3.3v to 12v and or 0khz to 80,000khz - were as cohesion runs a logic 0 - 5v and the frequency is 0-100%

I was going to connect the diode laser the the extra TTL/PMW and power the diode via the control board supplied by Neje rather the extra power input on the cohesion board - but still utilize the TTL/PWM via Cohesion board or is this not possible without connecting a power supply to the top two extra power 0-36v mas power pins?

my initial plan was to attach the positive 12v to the extra and earth via the TTL and run the laser without anything other control panels… but idk any advice would be greatly apricated

Hi Ian,

You should be able to upload images now, and your situation makes a lot more sense now, you want to add a diode laser to an existing install of a CO2 laser with a C3D.

The C3D LaserBoard has both a 5v pwm output, and a mosfet. There is also an opto for “Laser Fire” meant for CO2 LPSU’s. All 3 mechanisms are fed from the same pwm microcontroller pin. You could do something like have a physical toggle switch enable power to the laser diode.

I assume that the CO2 laser has a toggle switch to turn on the laser (LPSU) as well?

Separately, you could run the diode from one of those “shared” pwm mechanisms on the board. After pics I can better advise on that front. Thanks.

ok that sounds great,

this is my board, pretty much standard.

the laser diode I wish to run, is a Neje A40640 laser dual diode laser running 4amp @ 12 and 0 - 20hz for the power modulation (i was incorrect before stating 80hz)

and this is the second interface that came with the module - the first module for just for testing.

I have a power supply that was sent with the module that is a 12v 4amp (48watts), not sure which is the best way to attached - toggle switches sound good and very easy.

I was unsure how much interference I would get running 0-20hz and what is the best practice in you opinion to run the diode laser to the board.

Works perfectly… Just 3d printing some brackets and air assistance, will soon complete the discussion with photos and STL files

Thanks, is the perfect board to use for this project… many thanks

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I look forward to seeing your progress! This is an interesting modification and i’m curious to see how it performs.

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