80w controller replacement compatability

Hello, I run an 80w unbranded Chinese laser. It is ran from a Leetro PAD03 v3.1 controller. I was wondering if the Cohesion3d laserboard would be a functioning replacement. Attached are a few photos of the current control board. Any help or info is appreciated.


That appears just to be the display controller. There will be additional boxes with wires coming out of them - can you take pictures of all those, too, along with the motors for X, Y, and Z (if present)?

Loather is right, that’s just the display and there is a separate box that has the breakouts for motor drivers, etc.

That said, I recognize that it is indeed a Leetro that you have. My condolences :frowning:

You can see this post here for my general response with more details:

Feel free to post additional pictures of the rest of your electronics and wiring in the machine so that we can take a look and advise further.

Here are some additional photos of drivers/motherboard/motors etc. Let me know if any other info is needed to find out if my laser is compatible with the cohesion 3d upgrade.

more photos…

This response that I linked above contains all the necessary details:

It’s compatible as long as you make it work. The work that will be involved is explained above.

Great. Thank you. Will I need an external stepper driver?

These are your external drivers.

The exact items you need to order are in the linked post.

I’ve received all of my parts and am in the process of converting my Leetro mpc6515C 2.0 to your Cohesion3d LaserBoard and graphic LCD Control Panel. The issue I’m running into is that my stepper cards are labeled different from the one I’m finding in your example (photo 00.jpeg), so I’m not sure how to wire your connectors to my stepper cards. You can see how my stepper cards are labeled in photos 02.jpeg, 03.jpeg, and 04.jpeg. Photos 05.jpeg and 06.jpeg are the actual Leetro board, and photo 01.jpeg is my stepper cards.

As far as the LCD Control Panel, it appears that I just connect the two ribbon wires to the Laserboard via the adapter with two 10-pin connectors on top and the 12-pin connector on the bottom. Is that all?

I assume the camera is connected via the supplied USB to 5-pin connector. Do I attached the camera to the laser itself?

One last question - where does the potentiometer fit into all this.

Any and all help is very much appreciated

Pictures will be in 2 posts.


Connect your camera to any available USB port.


Thank you for your patience while I recovered from illness.

To quickly restart the conversation, there is information and a diagram on how to hook up to external drivers here:

Note the names of the pins and connect the external stepper driver cables, matching the wire color/ position on the C3D board to names on the external driver.

The result you are looking for is that the C3D board will be sitting near the black box external drivers kind of like our external driver demo pic.

Yep, 2 ribbon cables to the adapter. Match EXP2 and EXP2. There is some nice detail on it here:

As Fred said, camera connects to computer over USB. You physically mount the camera to the laser.

That can go one of several ways, would need to see pics of your LPSU and how that is wired so we can discuss further.

Thank you for your response. Had you gotten a chance to look at the photos of our stepper drivers that I submitted last? The labeling for where the wires connect to our stepper drivers differ from the stepper drivers in your examples.
Concerning the potentiometer, I believe there is a photo of our LPSU submitted. Please let me know if I need to take more photos.


I don’t see any difference in the labeling - there’s a difference in the ordering but the labels are the same. Just make sure the right color wire is going to the same label on your drivers as the example driver and it should work just fine.

Keep in mind those are 3Ø stepper drivers (and corresponding motors). You’ll likely need to make some adjustments to the steps per mm value for all the axes in your laser.

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Yes, I did review the images of the drivers you provided, and the labels match, just in a different order, as loather says.

For general reference, STP for Step and PUL for Pulse all mean the same thing, and DIR for Direction and EN for Enable tend to be pretty consistent.

Again, from the linked documentation is this diagram that shows exactly what wire color corresponds to what label:

3 degrees? What now? That’s an AC powered driver too, I guess there’s not much I shouldn’t be surprised by. :slight_smile:

3 phase. Ø vs ° :slight_smile: In any case, 3Ø stepper motors are almost ubiquitously 1.2° per step vs. 1.8° or 0.9° per step with hybrid biphase steppers.

My searching has not yielded anything that suggests the DMA860H is a 3 phase driver. The overall guidance is good, we’re just discussing a fun tangential tidbit here :slight_smile:

Right - I didn’t carefully look at that third picture. The Z driver is indeed a biphase driver. This is the first time i’ve seen a machine with a mix of 3 phase and hybrid!

And I did not realize that the X and Y drivers were a different type than Z. Hooray for reading! But yeah all the guidance above is still good.

A few more questions:

How do I set the dip switches on my stepper driver to 1/16 microstepping? Right now the X and Y drivers are set to 3.5a RMS/4.5A Peak (with switch 5 in the “off” position setting the standstill current to half the dynamic current) and 5000 pulse/rev, and the Z motor is set to 5.43A REF Current/6.52 Peak Current (with switch 4 in the “off” position setting the standstill current to half the dynamic current) and 2000 pulse/rev. How does this translate to microstepping?

My confusion with the labeling on the stepper driver comes from the labeling being different on the “High Voltage” section. Your stepper driver shows terminals for B-, B+, A-, A+, GND, and VCC. My X and Y stepper drivers have GND, +Vdc, U, V, and W; and my Z stepper driver has A+, A-, B+, B-, AC, and AC. Since these connections are already wired, should I just leave them alone?

I see a connection for an A axis on the cohesion laserboard, but our laser doesnt have an A axis. Do I leave this alone?