5v relay air assist

Machine: _K40 co2 laser cutter 24v

Board: _Cohesion 3D

Firmware: _Smoothie

Problem/ Question: https://konnected.io/products/1-channel-5v-relay-module-with-high-low-level-trigger

Trying to install this 5V relay but not sure where to pull the trigger (IN) cable to the relay the above link is the type of relay I purchased please advice thank you. This is the way I connected the relay as of now but not working. Power from the k40 from the back outlets to the common and NO and I pulled the + and - signal from 5v Air I am sure there is something I am doing wrong can you please explain thank you… :slight_smile:

It looks like they’re doing some weird stuff on this to allow it to be triggered high or low, which is not something i’ve seen before.

DC+ and DC- need +5V and GND (respectively) constantly. IN would be connected to the +5V Air Assist pin. COM goes to the AC mains line and NC goes to your device. In countries with 120V power like the US, Canada, and Mexico this will be your line or hot wire and neutral will be wired through. In countries with 240V power (basically everywhere else) you should really have a second relay and switch both lines. And make sure the jumper is on the ‘H’ position on the board.

Hey Loather, thanks for the help. I did as you advice, still not working although the air assist signal “(- ground)” is not connected to nothing should I connect that one onto the relay as well even though I have constant 5V and Grd connected please advise. Thank you so much for your help

If that relay works like others I have used you will need to supply it with 5V to have it powered on (as loather suggested) and then send a signal to IN to control the relay.

(Yours seems to have a jumper for switching from high versus low signal, so make sure you choose the right one.)

So it will be like so, from the LaserBoard to your relay:

LaserBoard Relay
Air Assist 5v+ IN
Air Assist GND DC-
End Stop Pin V+ DC+

We are tapping into the 5v+ from one of the end stop pins so we can constantly power the relay. You can choose which one you want. I chose Z Min in the image above, but each end stop connector has a 5v+ pin.

This page in our Knowledge Base might also be helpful:

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