4 Prong Power Wire with 6 Wires? No Laser Fire

Machine: Preenex K40 w/ m2 nano

Board: Cohesion Laser Board

Firmware: Smoothie

Problem/ Question:

My 4 Prong Power connector ( 4 blue wires ) actually has 6 wires installed 4 Blue + Smaller Red/Black

It plugged in according to the install manual
Booted up, everything looked good
Carriage moves, communicates with computer and lightburn

No Laser Function
No LED Lighting
No Laser Pointer

I assume the 6 wire should be 4 wire, and it would make things happier?
Should I remove the red/black power wires from the 4 prong?
Should I follow the wires from the Blue Power Supply and plug into the clamp post
(Like the instructions for 2/6 Prong?)

Hitting the “test” Button on Blue Power Supply did not activate laser

And is it possible to wire LED and Laser Pointer to the board easily/cleanly?

Post some pictures of what’s going on so we can better diagnose your issue,

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