3D printer control - anyone done it?

Machine: Home Build 3D printer frame

Board:cohesion 3D Remix

Firmware: What came with it

Question: I have finally got round to building my 3D printer (Large Volume Area). I wondered if anyone has used the Remix to control a 3D printer. If so, what firmware did you use?
I have downloaded Smoothieware and Marlin. Which one is preferable? Is this the wrong forum for such a question?

Yes, the ReMix was a general purpose board that was capable of driving 3D Printers. This was back in 2016-2017. We have since “focused” specifically on laser cutter control and products.

Lots of people seem to like Marlin2 and I sent boards to the devs so they should be supported, but it’s not something I have direct experience with. I use Smoothieware on my printers still.

If you go to https://cohesion3d.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/5000167052 you will find the old documentation portal that has a bunch of info for the remix board, in particular the Getting Started page and pinout diagram

The Smoothieware also has a lot of useful documentation on configuration

I’d recommend using Smoothie to start with until everything is configured and working to your liking, then decide how you want to proceed.


Hi Ray.
Thanks for the links, I’d lost them a long time ago.
I’m not sure if I still have the config file that came with the board.
I need to use all 6 stepper outputs, x, y, z and A, B, C for extruders and am using external TB6600 stepper drivers.
I’ve read on the smoothie website that I have to recompile to use 6 axis. I know I may have to change the pin configuration, but the pinout diagram has those on, so not too worried about that.
Can I use the default smoothie config file or do I need to find the original config file?

You’ll want to grab the latest everything from Smoothie. We are primarily pin compatible with theirs, just a matter of adding the extra bits.

For 3rd extruder:

  • Use the stock config file from smoothie

  • Read the getting started page as it described to turn off the status LEDs in the config file.

  • You’ll need to compile Smoothieware and change this line 17 from 5 to 6 (total axes count):
    Compiling is actually pretty straightforward and well documented by them.

  • Copy the hotend block over to make a 3rd instance and change the step dir en pins to the ones of the 6th driver shown in the pinout diagram

  • Create additional temperature controllers as needed as well with the mosfets shown in the pinout diagram.

Hi Ray
Thanks for the info. Can you clear up one confusion for me? do i need to recompile with the command “make AXIS=6” as well as changing the actuator coordinate line 17?

No, axis=6 is for cnc work, don’t do that. Just line 17.

Hi Ray.

No problem, hopefully not done any damage (only to my ego👍)… no wonder it wasn’t working properly

Hi Ray.
I have compiled for actuator=6. i don’t have any x motor movement. my setup has external TB6600 drivers. i have swapped to a known good driver and stepper motor - nada. The Stepper is held but gets quite hot - almost burn to the touch whilst all others are ok to touch. All i get is a high frequency noise if i try and move the X axis either by the GLCD or using the web interface in any configuration. i have attached the config file for information. could i have damaged the external driver interface board or the board output?
Config-kev.txt (31.6 KB)

You said external drivers? Those are configured using DIP switches on the driver itself, not from the C3D board, and they’ll usually have a legend printed on their case to tell you how to set the things up. You’ll want to resolve that before you kill a motor from overcurrent.

I’d recommend using a known good firmware file for the time being, we can deal with motor 6 later (you can even change the pin assignments of one of the extruders to switch between motor 5 and motor 6).

One step at a time.

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