3D model of laser board? or drawings with dimensions?

Just wondering if anyone has a 3D model of the Laser board, LCD screen, and camera?
or perhaps some dimensions and drawings of them.

i’ve already found drawings of the LCD screen on this thread so far.
just need the laser board and the camera next

Not at this time.

I can describe the dimensions and mounting holes locations to you.

As far as making dimensioned drawings of the LaserBoard, I would not be able to do that for a while.

I can ask the camera manufacturer if they have a drawing for the camera module.

Any details you can provide would be helpful, im mocking up a new laser engraver in Fusion 360, and its nice to have the specs to i can design around them.

The LaserBoard PCB itself is 100mm wide x 74mm tall. Note that you will have the buttons and connectors extending past the right board edge. Other edges have header and screw terminal style connectors that are mostly flush with the board edge but anytime you see a green screw terminal you may have to account for wires entering from the side so leave clearance.

The 4 mounting holes are for M4 bolts with absolute coordinate (0,0 being the bottom left corner of the board) centers at:


Thank you very much thats very helpful, do you happen to have the max thickness of the board as well?

A typical PCB, as is ours, is 1.6mm thick.

And here is the LightBurn Camera PCB Dimension Drawing:

I don’t see the hole diameter called out here. It’s smaller than M3, probably M2.5.