30mA Current Meter installation

Hi Folks,

So I am using this: https://www.ebay.com/itm/254782727987

and I installed a cohesion 3d laser board (using Smoothie)… and I’m working in lightburn.

… and I have a question about installing the Cohesion3D "30mA Current Meter

Are there any step sheets for installing this? I bought the little meter, but I am not sure how to hook it up… and unless I’m overlooking something It doesn’t look like I can install it on the panel for a direct replacement of the digital meter. Any help is appreciated.

Many thanks!

The current meter goes in series with the return wire from your laser tube. This is a thin-gauge wire on the laser tube’s cathode (NOT the high voltage wire from the LPSU). Refer to this knowledge base article:

As far as installing it on the panel goes, either cut a hole in the existing panel or design a new one and cut it out of 1/8" acrylic on the laser itself!

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