24v power supply

Machine: K40

Board: C3D Mini

Firmware: None as yet

Problem/ Question: Hi folks, I’ve just received a 24v power supply to power the mini board. It didn’t arrive with the adapter unfortunately, so can I just cut off the jack and wire it straight into the board? Also is it advisable to wire in a filter as well? Thanks!

You must make sure the polarity is correct or you’ll probably see smoke. I personally would just buy a plug from somewhere like Amazon, they are inexpensive and you can easily match polarity since the plug is marked.

Thank you for your reply Jamie. I went ahead and did it and it seems to be powering up ok. I have a problem getting parts delivered successfully here so that’s why I’m trying this option.

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Did you cut / disconnect the 24v line from the laser power supply? If not, it can destroy something.

Also, you should isolate the board ground from the mount using nylon standoffs or screws because of an imbalance that can occur due to a possible design flaw in the Chinese lasers.

I haven’t cut yet, just getting everything set up at the minute. 24v line in is cut and board is offset on nylon spacers. It’s a slow process but I’ll get there. Thanks for your advice :slight_smile:

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Keep in mind, the spacers alone won’t isolate the ground. The bolts/screws would also need to be a non conductive material.

Aha. I’ll look into that. Should have some nylon screws somewhere. Thanks!

I went extreme on mine, removed the metal piece altogether, drilled holes in the front of the machine and used long standoffs. Also to note, the new LaserBoard is immune to the K40 ground problem.

It worked out quite well and is pretty solid.

Sorry bud, I didn.t see your replies until now for some reason.
Looks like a good set up!