24 Volt Power SupplyBrick & Existing Power Supply Connection

Machine: Ten-High 60 Watt, Motorized Lift Table

Board: Cohesion 3D

Firmware: I have a new board and I’m using whatever it came with.
Problem/ Question:

I have read and followed the installation documentation and searched the help files but, I’m still a bit confused about the plugging in the existing Power Supply bolted on my Ten High Laser and plugging in the provided 24 Volt Power Supply from Cohesion.
I DO NOT want to fry this puppy.

I tried to upload images but, the forum won’t let me since I am a new user.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Charlson,

Welcome to the forum! Your access has been upgraded to post pictures.

The power plug is connected to the C3D board because that is where the Laser Fire and Laser Ground wires are. On the LaserBoard the 24v from the LPSU in that plug is pre-disconnected right out of the box. So, yes, you should plug in both as you showed in the pictures you emailed us.

Thanks Starla, I appreciate the quick feedback.

Starla, I’ve hooked my board up according to your installation guide and installed LightBurn.
My projects run on the X-Y axis no problem. However, my laser does not fire.

I’ve seen that several folks have had the same problem but, I don’t know what my particular solution needs to be. I’ve checked everything that the documentation refers to.
My laser does Test Fire using the Ten-High laser fire button.

It’s sounding like I might need to relocate the Laser Ground and Fire Wires on the 3D Board.
Any help is greatly appreciated.