1st few engraves with my new machine whats going on?

Machine is K40
Cohesion3d board
Lightburn Software set at 10.0/5.0 (any faster than 20 and my machine sounds like it’s gunna break apart captain) I am assuming that its mm per sec I am not sure why I have to have this so slow when I see people saying use 300mm per sec etc, if I try that the machine cannot do it

As a new user to all of this I am trying to engrave some old bits of plywood with the Royal Engineers logo, however the finished product is not matching the picture in Lightburn (screenshot attached) and I am not too sure why, as you can see the lines lets say on the crown are not lining up also some of the laurel leaves too
Its not consistent either as I did all of these one after the other 3 small ones different settings and one large one
1st of the 3 (left) no air assist 20mm/20.0
2nd middle: air assist thru masking tape and 15mm/15.0
3rd right: No tape but air assist 10mm/10.0
Large one on reverse no tape air assit 10mm/5.0

Hope this is enough information for some advice


Your stepper motors appear to be skipping. You’ll need to adjust the motor current values to match your motors and/or mess with the acceleration settings. Read this FAQ article for more information:

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