130W (Reci W6) custom build

Hi there!

Also here to share our build process! After using our 60W chinese laser for way to long it is time for a true upgrade. My “lucky part” is that we are interior builders with loads of experience in metal, wood and upholstery. Also we have a tech lab where we’ve already build a CNC mill and several 3D printers.

We started working on drawings for a laser with the following specs:

-RECI W6 130W (true power) tube
-Bed big enough for halve a european sheet of material; 1220x1220
-Auto height calibration for cutting different thickness materials
-Bed low enough for engraving more serious stuff, 150mm travel was the aim
-Integrated electronics, computer and components
-NEMA23 closed loop steppers for accuracy
-Super stiff & play-free movement

As stated before, we have experience with building our CNC mill. We started using closed loop NEMA23 steppers and the power and accuracy are sublime; we will use these for X and Y travel. The Z travel will be done by a single NEMA32.

The guides will be HIWIN 15 rails, these will keep it nice and square.
Z axes will travel on SFU 2005 20mm lead screws. All running in sync due to one long belt powered by a single motor.

Lasercut metal tubing to keep it super precise and square. Size of tubing is 50x50x2 and welded by a professional. All panels are 1.5mm thick steel plates with bent sides for rigidity. The frame is left blank / black (oiled though), while the panels will be powder coated.!

Will keep you posted of course!