12 volt switch wiring

I am looking to upgrade the control panel on a K40 using nice led illuminated switches for things like Laser on, Test fire, Air assist etc. All the switches I can find have 12 volt leds but as I understand it most of the control signals to the laser power supply are 5 volt. Any suggestions how I can use these? (I have a separate 5 and 12 volt supply) I don’t want to damage either the controller board or power supply by feeding 12 volts into a 5 volt line!
I’m sure there is a simple way to do this but can’t get my head around it!

Hi Alan,

This project is on my list of tasks to complete also! I hope you share what you end up implementing.

For Air Assist, start with this article:

For other items, it’s best to use the separate power supplies you have. The typical K40 power supply is notoriously underpowered and we do not recommend connecting to it. More info:

I think I have solved it (my brain was asleep yesterday!)
One switch contact goes to the control wire to the laser power supply and is connected to one side of the LED, the other side of the LED is connected to 12 volts and the other side of the switch goes to the ground or 0 volt line.
As far as I can see this should work